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Lodge a Complaint


Board of Director 2016-2017



President:          Claude Savoie, RSW
Vice-President:   Theo Saulnier, RSW
Secretary:          Noella MacMillan, RSW
Treasurer:          Michelle Nowlan, RSW

Chapter Directors

Acadian Peninsula:             Genevieve Bourgeois, RSW
Chaleur:                              Luc Poitras, RSW
Charlotte County:               Sheryl Noble, RSW
Edmundston/Grand Falls:  Karine Levesque, RSW
Fredericton:                        Susan Gavin, RSW
Miramichi:                           Karla Parks Lissok, RSW
Moncton:                             Gaby Lyness, RSW
Restigouche:                       Carole Gallant, RSW
Saint John:                          Debbie Stanton, RSW
Sussex:                               Joshua Redfurn, RSW
Woodstock:                         Andrea Reid, RSW

Other Representatives

CASW Director:     Vicky Coy
First Nations Social Workers Representative:    Shasta Hitchcock
Public Member:     Karen Erb

The Board has responsibilities that are defined in the Act and By-laws of the NBASW. However, the Board also assumes, from time to time, a variety of non mandated activities in the name of the NBASW.

Numerous committees are accountable to the Board. There are three kinds of committees:

With the exception of the Committee of Examiners whose members are elected by the membership, all members of Committees are appointed by the Board of Directors.

The NBASW has 5 full time staff. As well, there are many volunteers involved in the work of the Association.


Diagram of Organizational Structure


Management Committee 

Committee members:

Claude Savoie, RSW (Board President); Carole Gallant, RSW; Michelle Nowlan, RSW; Gaby Lyness, RSW


Committee of Examiners

  • Examines and approves application for NBASW membership (Section 10(1) and 11(1) of the Act).

  • Comprised of six registered social workers appointed by the Association and one public member appointed by the Minister of Health.

Committee members:

Laura Hiscock, RSW (Chairperson); Annie Guitard, RSW; Danica Doucet, RSW; Geneviève Bourgeois, RSW


Complaints Committee

  • Considers and investigates complaints of professional misconduct, incompetence and/or a breach of the Code of Ethics (Section 21 of the Act).

  • Comprised of one member of the NBASW Board, two other registered social workers appointed by the Board and two alternate registered social workers named by the Board. 

Committee members:

Michelle Nowlan, RSW (Chairperson); Omer Savoie, RSW; Carole Poitras, RSW; Clara Tarjan, RSW (Alternate Member)


Discipline Committee

  • Hears and determines allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence against a member.

  • Comprised of four registered social workers appointed by the Board and one public member appointed by the Minister of Health.

  • May decide on the consequences (Section 23(1) and 23(4) of the Act) if a member has committed an act of professional misconduct or incompetence. 

Committee members:

Rina Arseneault, RSW (Chairperson);  Claudette Bourgeois, RSW; Genevieve Forest Allard, RSW; Gloria Sacobie, RSW; Mariette Damboise, Public Member


Education Committee

  • Responds to the education needs of the NBASW membership.

  • Represents the NBASW on the Advisory Committee of the three Schools of Social Work in the Maritimes.

  • Carries out any other activity or duty approved by the Board.

Committee members:

Anouk McGraw, RSW (Chairperson) ; Tanya Smith, RSW; Wendi Nixon, RSW; Ashley Goyette, RSW; Joshua Redfurn, RSW (Board Liaison) 


Social Action Committee

  • Concerned with issues of social injustice. Assists the NBASW with its efforts to bring about social and economic changes in society.

  • Provides coordination and resources to the local chapters’ Social Action Committees.

  • Acts as liaison to persons or community groups engaged in social action and social change that adheres to the NBASW Code of Ethics.

Committee members:

Gaby Lyness, RSW (Chairperson & Board Liason); Erin Jackson, RSW; Katherine White, RSW; Samantha Martin, RSW; Sarah Enright, RSW. 


By-Laws Committee

  • Reviews proposed changes to the By-laws brought forth by the membership.

  • Takes appropriate actions (that is, clarification, research and proposal of amendments to membership at the annual meeting).

  • Ensures that amendments approved at the annual meeting are incorporated into the By-Laws.

Committee members: 

Sheryl Noble, RSW ; Anne Caverhill (Chairperson), RSW


Practice Issues, Ethics and Professional Standards Committee 

  • Responds to questions from the members relating to ethics and practice.

  • Works on standards and guidelines when they are needed.

  • Promotes and encourages high standards for excellence and professionalism in social work practice.

Practice, Issues, Ethics and Professional Standards Form, please click here

Committee members:

 Sheryl Noble, RSW (Board Liason);  Debbie Stanton, RSW


Scope of Practice Committee

  • The purpose of the Scope of Practice adhoc Committee is to develop a draft Scope of Practice document for social work practice in New Brunswick

Committee members:

Barbara Whitenect, RSW (Chairperson); Annette Bourque, RSW; Barb Wilkins, RSW; Bruce MacPherson, RSW; Chantal Bourassa, RSW; Morel Caissie, RSW